Telling people what they don't want/want to hear.


Figured I'd keep a steady list of site changes.

06/12/2017 @ 00:10am
  • Fixed timing issues with Dates of activities and processes, now it will wait 10 minutes after a process list has been sent
  • Dates actually work now
  • Removed twitch_game_id as it wasn't required for users to change the game.
  • Minor QOL fixes

  • 25/11/2017 @ 1:40am
  • Added automatic messages to the bot, it will now run through your commands and determine if one has to be sent out
  • Fixed some spelling errors around the place
  • General QOL improvements

  • 23/11/2017 @ 2:47am
  • Added a Chatbot Loyalty system
  • Added API key to the dashboard for easier copying
  • Added Bot Status to the dashboard
  • Fixed a JS bug where the theme wasn't snapping the footer to the bottom and certian theme functions were disabled
  • Improved detection of Rocket League and Player Unknowns Battle Grounds
  • Improved breadcrumbs

  • 22/11/2017 @ 12:50am
  • Added a chatbot massive thanks to the Twitch API devs, they are epic with their docs and examples
  • Added Game Only switching in order to keep static titles.
  • Fixed a bug where certian process lists would cause the queue to jam

  • 11/11/2017 @ 10:50pm
  • Added Streams Section, in here you can find streamers that use StreamUpdater that are live!
  • After some consideration I decided to make the streams section on a static refresh cycle rather than update every time someone went to the page, I was hammering API requests.
  • Added in some slight caching on peoples stream content. Will improve this out further to lessen API requests
  • Fixed a bug with editing activities where it would always select the first one you added
  • Welcome!


    TwitchAutomator has became something new. It's now a service that is given to you lot for free by me!

    Something weird happened over the week. My server bill wasn't paid for and I frankly forgot because it really isn't used that much and I've been switching providers to lower costs cause fuck that shit right?

    Anyway, me not giving a shit about the uptime during this, noticed that people actually cared. I got reddit, twitch and twitter emails about people wondering, hey dude, the fuck?

    I know this might be weird, but thank you to those people. People actually gave a shit about something I made and that was quite awesome. I don't know if my ideas are good, I don't know if they are morally right. But fuck someone caring is pretty damn awesome, so fuck that shit app. Let's be honest it was something someone in VB Class could do. We're fuckin riding the high wave with Laravel so let's keep it going

    So here we are with this. It's a site allowing you to stream your twitch games, have an app open in the background and have everything managed by us. We'll be bringing out more tools for the industry to innovate as much as possible. This is a feature that let's be honest the giants should have developed for a while. So let's get them creating even more! I'm well aware this idea is likely going to get copied around the place. Let's compete boyos

    RIP TwitchAutomator