About Us
StreamUpdater F&Q
The reason you're here.
In order for StreamUpdater to work we need you to use our Application. This can be downloaded once you login. This application will send to us what applications are currently running on your computer. This could be anything from TeamSpeak to Discord, we allow you to exclude certain applications from showing up for privacy reasons of course. Then once we have that process list we match it with games in our system and other conditions that you may have put in place to change your stream Title + Game to anything you might have wanted.
We keep the process lists for 6 months. After that they are removed and cannot be recovered. We do have backups of our database that are taken every day 7 days a week.
The most common factor we have found is that the game was not detected. You have to ensure the game window either is the game title you and changing to Example: Far Cry 5 should say Far Cry 5 in the window, Not something like UEGame. The EXE should also relate to what is running. For example Hearts of Iron 4 is actually callled HOI4.exe. We are always monitoring our systems to ensure everything is running, any problems you can always contact support.
Contact our support team on Discord or Twitter @StreamUpdater
This is a delay with Twitch. We cannot stop this delay.
Chatbot F&Q
Always the most active member of your chat
Our chat bot is pretty simple in design. It will join your twitch chat and just listen to what all the users are saying/doing. When it detects a command (!Youtube) it will post whatever you want it to do or do any action you want it to do. It also monitors your chat log in full, we take recordings of everyones messaging allowing you to fix incorrect bans.
Best case action here is to remove and add the bot again, stabiltiy is always improving but I appreciate any reports going to @KaibaSean whenever you are having bot issues!
At the moment the chat bot integrates with Spotify to provide the music you are listening to, to the chat. We have big plans to bring more and more into this as more sites allow us.
Uptime is based on when the bot enters the channel. If you remove it and readd it, you will reset this value so it's best if possible that you don't do this!
All suggestions should be brought forward to KaibaSean on Twitter. @Kaibasean.
Money F&Q
Donations, Patreons and everything else involving money

We believe that both parties should be protected. Address Protection, chargeback protection and other such reasons are why we take a percentage before passing donations on. You are totally free to use our non-protected service. Currently, StreamUpdater charges 2 Percent on all donations that come into the system before passing it on. Donations are paid out usually the moment they are paid in. This way you get your money, while we deal with any extra hassle from trolls. Stream Updater reserves the right to freeze donations in the event of someone doing an extreme number of chargebacks. This is to protect us, you and more importantly the donator in the event they aren't aware of any of this going on. You'll still be paid out, we just won't let the donator continue to donate. We won't ever hold your money against your wishes!

We totally understand if you don't want to use this system, but this does help us massively keep the lights on :)
Privacy F&Q
How and why we contact you
When we contact you via email in regards to StreamUpdater it will be things like password resets, information regarding new updates and information relating to your account with us. We'll never advertise new products to you through this or pass this information onto third-parties if you've selected service level communication.
We'll contact you regarding other products we are developing. We usually create services and products which are relevant to each other so we think you'd like to keep this enabled to hear from us regarding anything else we're developing. We'll never pass on your email to third-parties if you have this selected.